Why develop with Microsoft technologies in 2014

Recently, my post on learning to code with C# and .NET got some attention here and there. Some people do question the value of coding for the Microsoft ecosystem using Microsoft technologies such as .NET.

In one small graph, Net Market Share demonstrates this: OS market shares 2014-04

Yep, Windows is still relevant!

A comprehensive course on programming, focusing on Mac OS X and iOS devices using the Swift programming language.
An app generator I created to speed up Ruby on Rails development. RailsBricks is open-source. By the way, this site was built with RailsBricks!
I founded HowToCode.io to teach high quality web development, for free. The aim is to take students from novice to employable.
I love lists. I create many and for everything, really. Trakx is built with RailsBricks and is my own list management tool. It is free and anybody can sign up.
Speeding up Git common actions by wrapping them in single switches. For example, to add, commit, merge and then push to a remote repository, just type qgit -cmp instead of a long serie of Git commands.